Shadorma #23 (a message)


I’m only
available for
short spells at
present, as
my mom is moving into
a retirement home.



I Don’t Like Mondays

Monday’s bad enough;
but the one after a time
change, is just too rough!

This montage (borrowed from Facebook; please see link for original website) was me this morning.

Your Number Is Up

This is the last time
I sign off with a sixteen
Unless I forget. 😉


Happy New Year to all my followers and the wonderful friends I have met here on WordPress! I appreciate you all immensely.

Kat Mortensen


Mantel Piece

Holed up in a room
with my cats for four hours–Why?
contractors are in.


*As an introvert, this is a highly stressful situation for me. they said they were bringing a pre-fab mantel and the job would take an hour. Instead, they’ve been building it on the spot, and i dont know when they are going to be done!