Shadorma #39


Old bones crack
under any weight
they will break
we tumble
to the ground, just one last time–
crumbling into dust.

skat @2018

These past two months have been rough. In November, my 89-year old mother fell, resulting in a femur-fracture. After a succesful operation, and arduous 6-week recovery, involving walker-training and the assessment of an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, she returned home to her seniors’ residence. On the same day, she fell again, was taken to emergency, x-rayed and sent back home. Yesterday, while I was with her, she fell again. This time, x-rays revealed a break in the same bone that had previously been repaired. she is currently awaiting a second operation.

If you know anyone who takes Fosamax, tell them to get off it; we were advised by the doctor who saw her yesterday, that it can actually make osteoporosis worse.