In Memory of my uncle Jimmy d. 11/30/2015

Glace Bay Boy

There were tall tales about you:

Playing truant to
jump the ice-clampers off the coast of The Bay,

or shooting pool up on Commercial
with that Neil McNeil,
like two of those trouble-boys from The Music Man
(who still served at mass on Sunday).

I can see you playing boogie-woogie
in the parlour,
at the house on York Street;
your cigarette’s hanging off the end of the piano,
Nanny kept a keen eye on the ash as it burned.

Muriel still talks about the way you spurned her
at that dance—for somebody else.
(Long-term memories don’t die.)

Oh, you sure could dance!
Mom says it was you who taught her and Joan how to jive, when you were both alive and young.
Now mom’s the only one left of your trio.

I think of you whenever I hear jazz,
or come across one of those old James Bond paperbacks, in a thrift store.
Remember, I borrowed a slew of yours?

The scent of Brut will forever conjure you.

I’m so glad I got to say “adieu”,
Before you left for good.

Kathleen Mortensen


Shadorma #39


Old bones crack
under any weight
they will break
we tumble
to the ground, just one last time–
crumbling into dust.

skat @2018

These past two months have been rough. In November, my 89-year old mother fell, resulting in a femur-fracture. After a succesful operation, and arduous 6-week recovery, involving walker-training and the assessment of an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, she returned home to her seniors’ residence. On the same day, she fell again, was taken to emergency, x-rayed and sent back home. Yesterday, while I was with her, she fell again. This time, x-rays revealed a break in the same bone that had previously been repaired. she is currently awaiting a second operation.

If you know anyone who takes Fosamax, tell them to get off it; we were advised by the doctor who saw her yesterday, that it can actually make osteoporosis worse.