The Password Is …

E-mail impinged by
Imposed security change—
I’m almost unhinged.


*After many attempts to reset a password for e-mail on my iPad (which is literally an extension of my arm), I have given up. If you’ve missed my visits or comments recently, this is the reason. I am hopeful of a new iPad mini in the future and once I set up the iOs (whatever number it is now), I should be back on track. My apologies for being absent.

If you haven’t missed me, as you were! 😉



Not a Rune

Apologies to anyone who might be missing LIKES or comments from me. Some time ago, I loaded a new iOS program to my iPad and since then I don’t get any of your posts in my reader. In order to keep up with you all, I must be on my desktop computer. I use my iPad a good portion of the time, so I am missing much of your great work! If anyone knows how I can adjust this, I’d be pleased to find out. My reader is filled with fascinating stuff, none of which I follow!

Now, back to haiku!