I am euphoric!
Waxwings plundering cherries—
Robin’s tormented.



12 thoughts on “Territorial

    • I’m beside myself with excitement! I didn’t think I would ever see these birds in my yard. The cherries are not to every bird’s taste, but the waxwings love them! They have been back and forth from the Mountain Ash to the Chokecherry for the past hour and a half. The robin is decidedly perturbed.


      • Such a pleasure, congratulations. I’ve never seen a waxwing, they tend to stick to the east coast of England, not these western shores. They look an exotic species, no wonder Robin is peeved, mind you, our robins could be peeved at their own shadows.

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      • This robin is a bit of bully, but she’s been away from the tree for a spell and the waxwings are having a field day! They are so beautiful!


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