To Every Season

For Bill B:

Come summer, I long
For winter; in winter I
long once more for spring.
Come Autumn, I’m contented
But for everything dying.


14 thoughts on “To Every Season

    • Thanks, Og! I have to tell you, I’ve not forgotten the idea of illustrations; it just took me a bit to find my Wacom pen-tablet and then I failed at connecting it, but Kev found the original set-up disc, so it’s going to happen! We’ve just had bad weather, my mom’s had some health-issues (non life-threatening) and I’ve been a bit at odds with life, really. Better now though.

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      • I’m glad to hear that everyone is alright. I have to tell you, that poem is one of your best. I may be wrong, but it reads as if you wrote it in a very short time and straight from the heart. Best wishes to you and your family.

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