6 thoughts on “What Eliot said …

    • We’re getting there, but we’ve been known to have big snowstorms at the beginning of April, so I’m not trusting anything yet. I have been opening the bedroom window for a while through the day, but it still gets very cold here at night, so we do shut it. I hate being in an hermetically sealed room, but we would really freeze with it open. We have enough blankets, quilts and duvets on the go already!
      Lots of bird activity here; I’ve been courting a cardinal and it seems to be working. 😉


      • Then comes the day when you know Summer’s arrived. We’ve had a couple of mild winters but this one is dragging its feet, still, I have seen early house martins. Beats me when the could still be enjoying southern climes. Watch out for those cardinals, notorious flirts 🦆 (I know, closest I could find)

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      • Ha! But I do love them!

        My dad built a house for purple martins once. They dropped in for a few minutes and we never saw them again. Fickle. The Sparrow Hotel did a thriving business.


      • You never can tell, I made two new, five star bluetit boxes this year, they just turned up their beaks and used the old ones: I love it, must have a penchant for rejection. Perhaps my birds have less taste than I thought! I’ll get some photos when they condescend to visit.

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