The Weight Of Water

After shovelling
wet snow, lying down feels good–
not so, getting up.



4 thoughts on “The Weight Of Water

  1. Thanks for your concern. Regardless of the feeder’s position, the deck still needs to be cleared. We are have having the strangest weather this year, one day it’s heavy snow and the next, it buckets down with rain. The deck is free of snow and ice right now, but without the preliminary shovelling it would be like Antarctica out there right now. A good portion of our yard is emerging, but I’m sure more snow will be in the forecast soon. Typically, we just get the snow all winter and leave the deck alone, but with the birds and squirrels coming, I had to provide.😉
    Not to worry, I do keep my eye on the drifts and my husband knows how to rein me in! This is the first year I’ve been totally committed to the space as my territory; I feel a duty to keep it in order. One of these days, I’ll get him to do it, but he knows I’d rather do it myself.

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