Rhetorical Question?

Plato’s Closet: store
name has me thinking, would that
not just be togas?



Bonus Rune:

Cutting out coffee:
Now I’m counting my words, but
not my syllables.


P.S. The first rune has been corrected, but some of you may have caught the error – unless you’ve given up coffee too. 😉



13 thoughts on “Rhetorical Question?

  1. Regarding the first; I’m surprised Plato needs a closet. I thought the Greeks kept things out in the open. And for the second; coffee is the devil. I gave it up years ago. May be good for the liver, but it’s hell on the nerves. Good for you.


    • Ah, the error was in the syllable count; I counted the number of words in the last line (there were five), but there were too many syllables for a typical haiku. I made the correction by adjusting my choice of words.


      • Oh that is alright. I have read that our syllables do not match up with traditional haiku count anyhow when translated so I don’t count too much on my fingers anymore. 1 syllable one way or the other doesn’t really matter as much as form

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