Switched on new gas fire.
Charlie heats his booty, while
Prude’s on yard-duty.



14 thoughts on “Priorities

    • You’re not joking. That looks great. We have a brick hearth. I damaged it a few years ago trying to chop wood indoors. I think it adds character. My wife disagrees. I will not show her your beautiful fireplace. 🙂

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      • We were originally going to for a cast-iron wood stove, but this is a very small space and besides that, the chimney they would have had to construct on the outside wall would have been a real eyesore in the back garden. We’re very glad we went with this. No messy wood along with possible spiders and we retain most of the space in the room since it is flush with the mantel. Mind you, we had no idea the mantel was going to be this big. It hasn’t taken much time to get used to though. We are all loving it!

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      • It’s really just a small corner of one brick I broke off. I’m lucky it wasn’t my hand. A gas fireplace would be a wonderful thing to have. When you burn wood or turf or coal, you lose as much heat going up out the chimney as you get from the fire. It is nice to look at, though. 🙂

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  1. I’m finally here – catching up on your posts! It’s always a delight to read your work, Skat! I absolutely love your comfy cover picture. What a gorgeous cat!! ❤


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