4 thoughts on “Cooper’s

  1. Actually, the hawk was far enough away that I was able to call for my husband to come and see. It was like it was frozen to the spot and only moved its head. Another little sparrow was hiding at the foot of one of our deck-posts, all the others had vamoosed! Kevin ran downstairs and got my camera. I took a few shots from indoors, but the willow branches were waving and it was tough to get one not blocking its face. Eventually, I opened up the door and went out on the deck to scare it off. The sparrow flew up and found a protected spot in the willows. Another larger bird just happened to be flying into the yard and it noticed the hawk and dove into the bushes. All very exciting, but sad too.
    I’ve packed up the feeders and hidden the bird-bath bowl with water under the willows. No more feeding for a few days. We’re supposed to be in for a storm today anyway.


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