Shower Stall

Impediment to
Full ablutional progress–
Cat perched over head.



6 thoughts on “Shower Stall

    • Charlie is very large, medium-haired, sandy-coloured tabby with a tail that hangs forward over his back. We think he hails from the American Ringtail breed, although he’s a rescue, so we’re not certain. They have very peculiar habits and make very unusual sing-song sounds at times too. He’s also the most affectionate beast we’ve ever known.

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      • Ninja – Black short hair, polydactyl, rescue, bonkers – she has just been sitting in the wastepaper basket at my feet – affectionate (but won’t sit on laps), noisy ray of sunshine.


  1. We also have Prudie – Siamedo (we made that up), black and white, short hair, black eyeliner, rescue, gentle, cuddly, snuggler. Likes to nose-pull at 5:00 a.m. Neither cat has made the “fall back” transition yet.


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