Anyone else buy
Books that look intriguing—on
The bedside table?


*Just for fun, tell me some of the books you’re stacking up on your bedside table.

I’ve got these:

Wilkie Collins’s The Dead Secret (on Kindle)
Peter James’s Dead Simple (library book)
Olen Steinhauer, The Confession (new purchase at a charity shop)
Robert Goddard, Hand In Glove (new purchase at a different charity shop)

16 thoughts on “Sleepers

  1. Wow! That’s quite diverse! I envy you the National Geographics. I used to have a slew of them when I was a teenager and I pulled out all the maps and covered every surface in my bedroom – including the ceiling.

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  2. Dark Matters: The Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton – Philip Kerr (on Kindle) Out of the Silent Planet – CS Lewis Take the Lead – Betsy Myers Dark Justice – Jack Higgins
    The Making of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour – Tony Barrow

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  3. I’ve got a kindle, so nothing stacked up. But I’m about halfway thru the Hercule Poirot series by Agatha Christie. I started that after getting thru book 10 in James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series…


    • I love Poirot! We were thrilled recently to discover that Netflix just put every season and episode on their roster. Working our way through from the beginning.
      I read many of the books in my youth. Gosh! I sound and old as Miss Marple!

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      • We’ve been debating getting rid of Amazon prime – not much movie selection – and getting Netflix… This may seal the deal. Poirot isn’t available for free on Amazon… And you don’t sound old. It sounds like you have really good taste in books and TV shows. 😉


      • Yeah. I’m not THAT old. ha ha. Just 54, but I feel much less most days. Mentally, I’m still in my 30s.
        Netflix Canada can be a pain, and I hate the way it displays stuff you’re not interested in and you can’t get rid of it, but even so, we manage to find enough to keep us satisfied.

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