A noiseless, impatient spider

Brushed my hair, when I
soon came to see, you were cached
in there all along.

We both hit the roof!
(Proof that I care?) You’re free, when
I could have flushed you.



5 thoughts on “A noiseless, impatient spider

  1. In your hair, how scary! So kind of you to let it go…I too, have sometimes let a spider scurry off, after giving each other a fright! But not often… poor spiders …..another enjoyable poem…thank you. 🙂 P.s..about to go bed, reckon I’ll just have a quick look around first, for any sneaky spiders! Goodnight..(though it may be night time where you are) cheerio.. ~ Janette.


    • Are you “Down Under”?
      Yes, it gave me a fright. I yelped. It scurried up the wall to the ceiling and onto a vent. I managed to direct it into a laundry-soap jug, cover it with a coaster and take it out to the garage where I released it. I’ve come a long way from my youth. Used to scream and run! ha ha
      Very glad you enjoyed it and took the time to tell me. Thanks, Janette!

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