11 thoughts on “Endless Summer

    • You need to read today’s rune! I’ll take any rain you wish to send. Ever been in my neck of the woods? I’ve never been out west, have lots of family on the east coast though.


      • Are you in the east? I’ve never been out there, although I’ve always been interested. My experience has been limited to layovers during flights to other countries. But looking out the window at all the ice and snow was fun 😛
        Vancouver is known for its incessant rain. We’ve had a few wind and rain storms break out lately. Looks like autumn is here again!


      • I love the ocean! I have to admit that I do start to feel antsy when I’m away from the coastline for too long. But, I do envy the beautiful trees over where you are, with all the fall colours.


      • I am a different person when I’m by the sea. I haven’t touched ocean waters in many years. Interior lakes just can’t cut it. I miss the Atlantic.
        If you’re ever this way, be sure to come for a visit! I’m a quite an introvert, but for a fellow-vegan, I’ll make an exception!


      • That’s so nice of you. And, the same of course goes for you if you ever make it out to Vancouver!
        The ocean here is very calm and almost lake-like, but it does the trick haha


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