A Rich Heritage


As time advances,
Life’s enhanced by Art of my—
Home and native land.


n.b. The painting above is Winter, Quebec, 1926 by A.Y. Jackson. I am increasingly drawn to the art and literature of fellow-Canadians. My favourite of these artists are, Alex Colville, all of The Group of Seven, and Jack Bechtel. I enjoy reading works by authors, Jean McNeil, Joan Clark and Timothy Findlay. You might like them too!


One thought on “A Rich Heritage

  1. I found that interesting. Also, it got me googling Canadian art going back to the peoples who lived there before the European settlers arrived.

    Also -it’s film, not art- but have you seen The 49th Parallel? As Wikipedia says, it can be a bit stereotypical, but has a lot of good things about it – not least, a journey across Canada from coast to coast. I don’t know how well known (or liked) it is in Canada itself.


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