Response to Harper Lee’s found book:

In light of the publication today, of Harper Lee’s book, “Go Set a Watchman”, I was inspired to post a poem I wrote back in 2009 after watching, “Mississippi Burning”. I invite you to visit POETIKAT UNBOUND to take a look.



3 thoughts on “Response to Harper Lee’s found book:

  1. Great poem. Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Coincidentally, my wife’s book club are meeting at our house this evening and once a year they watch a film of a book…tonight…To Kill a Mockingbird. I will be hiding in the study.


    • It’s a great book, and a great film. Reports suggest Atticus Finch’s attitude towards racism changes in the new one. I don’t think that will be well-received.
      I’m with you on the book club – could never get into being told what to read, nor hanging out with ladies to rehash the book anyway. Too much of an introvert for that. Ha ha.

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