9 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

    • I know this too. It’s really the only department store in our town, apart from a couple of thrift stores which we do frequent all the time. I wish I hadn’t bought the jeans.

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      • You didn’t do anything wrong. Child labor was the capstone of my undergraduate work in human services. It’s a complicated cultural issue that goes far beyond the buyer. Children who can sew are lucky. If there is no market for the clothes they make, the children are put to work in brothels. I suppose that isn’t very comforting, but in a way you may have stopped a child from worse abuse by buying those jeans. In some of these countries as little as 50 cents a day invested in a good conditional cash transfer program (CCT) can keep a child in school and out of the child labor force.

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  1. Philippines also have sweat shops with underpaid factory workers housed in hazardous buildings. The recent fire tragedy in a factory left 72 people dead of which I had a chance to take pictures of the smoke coming out from that area. It’s really saddening how some people profit from the hopelessness of others. Wealth inequality is really one of the problems of the world.

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